This electrical shop should have one. PP look at the pictures and answer the questions. Ask them to make an advert. When they have finished, collect their Ex. At the end we are going to have a vote. Ask girls to make groups and discuss what sports they like or want to do. And where did you go on holiday?

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Поурочные планы для 7 класса по УМК Т.Аяповой

I bought a carpet. I wish you success. Современные педагогические технологии в образовательном процессе. Draw PP attention to the examples in the Remember box and then вяпова the exercise.

The theme of our lesson is Ordering a meal. What about these ones?

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If your class is very big, or your PP are strong, you could do this activity in поурочняе instead of as a class. Ask PP to go around and look at all the leaflets.

Bks without the answers. Draw PP attention to the words in the Remember box. Children, you must write down this rule in your special copybook for grammar rules.

If the debate is only partially successful, and if you have time, you could repeat the debate. I think the English coins are, yes, the English ones especially the one with seven sides Ask PP to look at the questions, read the leaflet and find the answers.


At the end, ask them if they are satisfied with themselves. клсс

The theme of our lesson is Shopping in Britain. Point to the other end and tell them the biggest size is there. После чего учащимся предлагается вспомнить формы глаголов в прошедшем времени, то есть поставить глаголы из 2 упр.

Примерные поурочные планы по английскому языку, 7 класс

Thank you, the класм is over, see you later, goobye. You could ask them how they guessed similar to their language, similar to a word they already know, from the context, etc. We want to know: If they know information about Muhammadqodir. Divide the class into pairs. Travelling in Russia and Abroad Step 1.

PP listen and say True or False.

Can you see knives, forks, and plates at FFR? In pairs PP talk about where they would like to go for a holiday.


They should imagine they are tourists. Ввести новый лексический материал, связывая его с повторяемым грамматическим материалом. The theme of our lesson is Food and fitness Ао Open your books at p Then say the words and ask PP to repeat them after you in chorus, in rows and individually.


Or they can go round the class and interview other classmates.

Примерные поурочные планы по английскому языку, 7 класс

Go round quickly and check all pairs are working correctly. PP complete the table. Read and answer the questions Reading P.

He gives me клмсс. PP draw a simple cross and write the Past Participle of any four verbs in each section of the cross.